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Ordega: We are Here To Win

Nigeria Super Falcons forward Francisca who spoke in an interview on Monday said she is happy with her performance so far in the tournament and she is in Ghana to win the trophy.

“Yeah sometimes as a professional when things don’t go your way sometimes you have to try like bringing up one plus one,two plus two to make it up to your fans, family, and country, so I think I would have done more but can’t say anything I can only do what I have to do and ask from the Coaches, So far so good and please with my performances”.

When ask How well do she know the Cameroonians, this is what she has to say “I don’t know much about them but I know that they have a lot of professionals just like Nigerians and they are more physical than us and they are experience as well, they are tough team to beat, so I don’t know much about them and really I don’t want to know until we get set on Tuesday.
Which Ordega you know before, is the same Ordega you know now, the one you before is still me”.

“Because we get paid, we get alot of money when you win, if you don’t win you don’t get anything as far I am concerned for the two games we win everything is settled, that’s the motivation, we are here to win when you win you have money in your pocket”.

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