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LMC And NPFL Clubs Owners Reject The Promotion Of 8 Teams Proposed By NNL

The League Management Company Of Nigeria (LMC) has rejected the promotion of eight Nigeria National League (NNL) teams that finish first and second in their various groups as proposed by the NNL.

The LMC and the 20 NPFL Clubs Owners Were against the decisions took by NNL bodies after failing to conduct a promotion play off for the Eight qualified teams from the various groups which they proposed before the kick off the league.

The NNL Bodies in thier meeting earlier this week agreed to promote all 8 Teams against the four teams which was scheduled to be promoted after the play off among the eight teams which was accepted by all the participating clubs in the NNL.

LMC and NPFL clubs owners asked the body to hold a promotion playoff within the next two weeks to produce four teams, who would be promoted to the topflight so that League will commence to beat the CAF calendar.

NPFL club owners also have proposed December 15th for new season to kick off, the new season which was supposed to kick off on December 1st have been delayed due to the inability of the NNL bodies in concluding their league to send the four promoted teams to the NPFL.

The draws of the league was conducted last week without the promoted teams which LMC explain that once the four promoted teams have been sent to them, two will be added to each group to make it twelve each.

Nigeria Professionals Football League 2018/2019 season will be in abridge League format to meet up with new CAF calendar after failing to beat the one of 2017/2018.

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