20 May 2019

FIFA Warn Nigeria FA To Deduct 3 Points From Warri Wolves Or Face Expulsion From All Football Activities

3 Points await Warri Wolves Football Club of Delta State for breaching of contract with one of their players named Adama Coulibaly from Mali.

Adama Coulibaly whom wrote to FIFA to deduct 3 points from Warri Wolves in the domestic League for failing to pay him him the sum of N7,008,750.00 naira by the club for his wages and remuneration for his 8 years stay with Warri Wolves.

The Nigerian National League side have failed to comply with the decision passed by the Dispute Resolution Chamber on 23rd March, 2017 and ordered to pay a fine to the amount of CHF 5,000.00 (approximately N1.8 million) in addition to the money owed the player.

Warri Wolves have failed to settle the debt to the creditor Adama Coulibaly after they were granted a final period of grace of thirty days given to them by FIFA disciplinary Committee before the player wrote to FIFA for points deduction in the coming season from Warri Wolves.

FIFA have written to the Nigeria Football Federation to Comply with the Decision taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee or face Nigeria will face Banishment from All Football activities.

The sponsor of Warri Wolves, Delta State Government, have failed to act on the warnings by Fifa and it appears they deliberately want the club dead.

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