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Wasiu Alalade: I shed Tears For Not Making The Under20 Team List

Nigeria Under20 player and Enyimba Intl forward Wasiu Alalade have come out say how disappointing he was for him not to be the included in the Under20 list of players that traveled to Niger for the CAF Under20 Cup.

The Enyimba Intl forward was the highest goal scorer in the CAF Under20 Qualifiers with 4 goals but failed to make the final list due to unforseen reasons.

“Is very painful to be realistic because I really work hard for this team and i believe is a blessing in disguise and am now in the Under23”

“I know am in another level and I have to work hard here too to prove everybody that am still in the task and by God grace I will try as much as possible to do my best here at least to be great again”

The former Under20 player was invited to the under23 camp by coach Amakapabo for Libya clash in March after failing to make the Under20 team list.

“I won’t lie to you, I shed tears to be realistic, it was very painful because my dream is to go Niger and becomes the highest goal scorer there, that’s my aim and objective because I heard about it that the highest goal scorer in Africa cup of Nations is 6 to 5 and find it difficult to understand what gone but i know by God grace am going to do my best here in Under23”.

The Nigeria Under23 camp is now open with 12 players already in camp.

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