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Imama Amapakabo: We Are Preparing Hard Against Libya

The Nigeria National Under23 Team, Dream Eagles are having thier camping at the FIFA goal project in Abuja ahead of the under23 AFCON Qualifiers next two weeks against Libya in Tunisia.

The head coach of the team Imama Amakabo said in an interview that the team is preparing well for the qualifiers with others players whom are expected to arrive in the Camp next week.

He also said the team is facing some challenges of passports and age issues among players.

“We are preparing as hard as we can with the personnel that we have, you know we have so much challenges in respect of passports and age issues”.

“Every time we build we found out that we have this shortcomings and we have to replan again and hopefully by the time we are able to get our expected players in we will be able to get a formidable team”.

The Under23 will bubble when the expected foreign based players arrive the country during the international break for the last phase of preparation.

” We actually want to play a whole lot of things as part of my programmes but challenging as it is because there are lot of logistics involved, Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity “.

“Most club side don’t even want to take us on, that’s is also a bit to learn from us”.

The Nigeria under23 team will play the Libya under23 team in Tunisia on march 20th in the first leg while the second leg take place 4 days later in Nigeria.

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