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I Have Not Been Giving A Target Yet:Kim Grant.

Hearts Of Oak Cocah with an Exclusive interview with Ghana??- Kumasi
Base Station Oyerepa FM 100.7 He have
3 year mandate with the team and have not been given any task to win anything so it ends there, after my third year ,hopefully we (team)will be in a CAF Competition but again its about now and not the future.

A 3 year contract to bring this club back to success.

Not at all i challenged myself, i didnt come to Hearts of Oak to be on holiday,to be successful

I didnt come to Hearts Of Oak just to sitting in my desk and just training, but I came to Hearts to Win things,(Cups)myself first.

Whatever the board and others Management Members are on course to win everything,they are not “stupid” , “am also not stupid”,am here to win Cups for Hearts of Oak and i will be judged on results

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