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[Nigeria] Fixtures for HiFL second week games

The second week of the HiFL cup is here with group G and Group C in action.

The first week brought lot of salvages and one expect more to come as the competiton progresses.

University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state will be hosting all matches for the group c while Ahamadu Bello University, Zaria will host the group G matches across the three days.

Full fixtures.

Week 2: Matchday 1: Tuesday, 24th of June
12pm ABU Nobles VS KUST Pyramids
4pm Uniuyo Tuskites VS IAUE Minders
4pm ATBU Bravehearts VS Unimaid Desert Warriors

Week 2: Matchday 2: Wednesday, 25th of June

12pm Unimaid Desert Warriors VS KUST Pyramids

4pmUniuyo Tuskites VS Delsu Titans

4pm ABU Nobles VS ATBU Bravehearts

Week 2: Matchday 3: Wednesday, 26th of June

12pm Unimaid Desert Warriors VS ABU Nobles
4pm Delsu Titans VS Uniuyo Tuskites
4pm KUST Pyramids VS ATBU Bravehearts

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