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You are a Football Fan? Start publishing articles on ZoneFoot today! Just login with your Facebook account.

The motto of ZoneFoot since its launch in 2018 is to give back the floor to the fans.

Football is more than 2 billion fans around the world who live their passion playing every weekend with friends or in their clubs, going to the stadium to support their favorite clubs, watching the games on TV, reaching online sports sites read articles and/or comment on them.

And so far, no fan has been offered the opportunity to easily publish online articles and videos about his/her favorite clubs and players.

Today, ZoneFoot, the platform whose motto is football “for fans and by fans” invites all football lovers to connect with their Facebook account and to start publishing articles and videos on their clubs, players and other football-related topics. And you write your articles in the language of your choice.

You don’t even need to write long articles … An article of 200 words, a photo, and your article will be published on ZoneFoot right away!

A 3min video directly from your mobile phone and hop … Your video will be available on ZoneFoot TV immediately.

Just two recommendations …
As much as possible, avoid articles with typos … And, write articles that respect others and avoid controversy without foundation.

Free the journalist who is dormant in you and join ZoneFoot, the football platform dedicated to all football fans.

ZoneFoot Team


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