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[Africa] Qatar 2022 World Cup Preliminary Round Full Draws Fixtures

The draws for the preliminary round of Qatar 2020 World Cup was done today in the city of Cairo with the 24 Lowest ranked sides paired against each other.

Burundi and Tanzania who played at the recent Africa Cup of Nations have been drawn to face each in the preliminary round.

Also  Some countries who played at the recent AFCON tournament in Egypt will also have to take part in the preliminary round between 2 and 10 September.

Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and Guinea-Bissau are up against teams like Somalia, Eritrea, The Gambia and Sao Tome e Principe respectively.

The 14 preliminary round winners, over two legs, and the 26 countries who received byes will be split into 10 groups of four after a fresh draw with the first matches next March.

Group winners then go into five two-leg playoffs with the winners qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Full Fixtures of Qatar 2020 first Round Draws

Gambia vs Angola

Somalia vs Zimbabwe

Djibouti vs Eswatini

Botswana vs Malawi

South Sudan vs Equatorial Guinea

Sao Tome and Principe vs Guinea Bissau

Mauritius vs Mozambique

Chad vs Sudan

Seychelles vs Rwanda

Liberia vs Sierra Leone

Burundi vs Tanzania

Ethiopia vs Lesotho

Eritrea vs Namibia

Comoros vs Togo

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