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[Ghana] The NC proposed FA Statute is ‘reasonably good’, don’t personalize your intended changes – Dr. Kofi Amoah tells football people

President of the GFA Normalization Committee Dr. Kofi Amoah has stated that the interim football governing body has no problem with attempt by Congress delegates of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to ”tinker” with its proposed FA Statutes, but has stressed that whatever tinkering they intend to make should not be personalized.

Dr. Amoah was speaking on Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV on Tuesday evening mainly issues relating to his personal financial business issues, but was given the opportunity to summarized what the NC has done so far in relation to its mandate given by FIFA to reform Ghana football.

Talking about the proposed FA statutes and what he thinks about it, Dr. Amoah opined that the NC took pain to study football statutes of other countries on the continent and did thorough research before coming out with the GFA proposed statute. According to him, the statutes is of FIFA standard having been approved by the world football governing body, and that his outfit welcomes suggestions from the Congress delegates to make changes to the statute where they find necessary, but should not make the changes a personal one which is tailored to satisfy individuals whimsical interests at the expense of the future of Ghana football.

“We are coming to the end game of getting the football back into the hands of football people”, Dr. Kofi Amoah started, speaking to Metro TV. The Normalization Committee has spent a lot of time studying other countries statutes, we had spent a lot of time meeting with segment of the football community, they’ve told us their challenges, players, club owners, referees you know, so we used all these ideas. We formed ad hoc committees all these came out with different ideas we’ve come out with new statutes, work hand in hand with FIFA, FIFA has approve it”, he reflected.

In assessing the viability of the proposed statutes and whether there is a need for any changes, D. Kofi Amoah said NC is convinced that proposed statute is good and while they have no problem with Congress delegates proposing changes to it, he advised them not to personalize their changes but should be done in the supreme interest of football development in the country.

“We (the NC) think it is a reasonably good statute, if you want to tinker with it here and there there is nothing wrong with that, but I think whatever tinkering, whatever changes they are going to make should not be personalized, it should be done in a way that strengthens the laws of the game in Ghana so that Ghana football can go forward”, he advised.

To recap, Congress delegates drawn from premier league clubs, division and two clubs, women football representatives, regional football association members held a stakeholders forum yesterday in Accra and resolved to set up a seven-member committee that has been tasked to, within a week, review the proposed FA statutes and submit their findings to football people for adoption before the GFA Exra-Ordinary Congress, which has been scheduled for September 5.

The proposed Statutes would be adopted and approved at the Congress if accepted by Congress delegates.

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