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[Zimbabwe] Khama Billiat recalled ahead of W/C showdown

“#Zimbabwe” Zimbabwe senior soccer team coach Joey Antipas has recalled star forward Khama Billiat as he bids to rescue the team’s World Cup campaign which is on the brink of plunging into an irretrievable nose dive following a humiliating defeat to minnows Somalia last week.

Somalia- lowest ranked side in the continent stunned watchers of the African game when they edged Zimbabwe 1-0 in Djibouti to win their first ever world cup match.
The two teams clash in the second leg at the National Sports Stadium on Tuesday.

Two days after recalling Ovidy Karuru back into the squad, Antipas has also asked Khama Billiat to come and rescue the team.

“It is always best to have your top players available,” Antipas said.

“If you have your top players available it gives the team more confidence. We are not underrating our opponents, and if you are not underrating them you have to come up with a full complement of players and these players are available so it’s good for us.”

Billiat, who dropped out from the initial squad that played last week because of an injury, was expected in the country on Monday ahead of the make or break tie.

“In my eyes as the coach Ovidy is a quality player technically and I believe in him. I know he can also motivate his teammates to come up with a good result. He is an experienced player, and sometimes you need that kind of experience and quality in a team. He is a player that is needed by the Warriors at the moment,” Antipas said.

Antipas said he will set his team to attack and try to get the needed goals, but is also preparing for a penalty shoot-out.

“We have been working in all aspects of our game, and have also been working on all the eventualities that could happen tomorrow and that’s why we were trying some penalties at the end of the session today, just to make sure that we are prepared for everything.

“I just hope that the boys will not crack up with pressure because one thing for sure is that the team is under pressure to perform and go to the group stages of the World Cup.

As the coach I have confidence with the players that are here and I believe that we will go through. I believe that we can come up with a good performance and we have been imploring on the boys to come up with a top show to proceed.

“There is no way that we are underrating our opponents like what we did in the first leg. This time around we are more prepared, we have a couple of training session on our belts and the players know how we want them to play which is much better than what happened in the first leg.”

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