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[ Ghana] Kick Off Dates For Respective League Competitions

The Ghana Football Association has confirmed dates for the start of competitions of the new football season.

The Association’s flagship competition, the Ghana Premier League is set to commence from the weekend of 27-29 December, 2019.

The division one league is scheduled to kick off 10-12 January, 2020 with the Women’s Premier League set to begin the following week.

Regional League competitions (2nd, 3rd, Colts etc.) for the various RFA’s will begin on the weekend of 29 February, 2020 to 1 and 2 March, 2020.
Below are the confirmed kick off dates for the respective league competitions:
Ghana Premier League – weekend of 27/28/29 December, 2019
Division One League – Weekend of 10/11/12 January, 2020
Women’s Premier League – 17/18/19 January, 2020
Regional Football Leagues (2nd, 3rd, colts etc.) – weekend of 29th February, 1&2 March, 2020.

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