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[Botswana] CAF Reinstate Botswana Into The U17 WWCQ

Botswana U-17 women football team have been reinstated into 2020 African U-17 Women’s World Cup qualifiers preliminary round after lodging complaints.

The Botswana girls were walkover in the second leg after falling to show up for return leg as Morocco were later paired to play against South Africa in the final round of the 2020 African U-17 Women’s World Cup qualifiers.

Botswana was supposed to play against Morocco for the return leg of the World Cup qualifiers in Morocco.
However, Botswana cancelled the trip to Morocco following the outbreak of coronavirus. In the first leg of the encounter, which was played at the National Stadium, Botswana lost 1-0. Mfolo said following coronavirus outbreak, they made a request to CAF for postponement of the game.

Botswana received response from CAF was in March, enquiring if Botswana had withdrawn from the qualifiers. But BFA told the federation that they request for postponement due to the coronavirus outbreak.

BFA informed CAF that it was risky for the team to travel to Morocco to honour the fixture. At the time, he said Morocco had already registered positive cases of COVID-19.
But the federation received a response from FIFA dated back to Thursday May 14 2020 with the words below.

“We would like to inform you that CAF administration submitted to the Organising Committee of Women’s football the case of the above-mentioned match that was scheduled to be played on 14th March 2020 in Morocco, but did not take place due to the decision of the government of Botswana to suspend the travels of all the citizens as a safety measure against the COVID -19 Virus.

“The members of the Organising Committee for women’s football decided by unanimity to consider the case of Botswana as a Force Majeure and to reschedule the match once football activities resume on the continent.

We will communicate to BFA in due time the proposed date for the match in question.” Said CAF

Also, BFA explained to CAF that government had imposed a travel ban on international travel, which made it impossible for the team to travel outside the country.
He further said correspondence from CAF was then forwarded to government.

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