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[Zambia] Bloggers Donates Nosk Mask To FAZ


FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala says reconciliation between the ministry of sports and the association is not cosmetic but grounded on genuineness.

And vice president Rix Mweemba says the FAZ constitution is a replica of the FIFA statutes and therefore should not raise so much dust when applied religiously.

Meanwhile members of the local blog Bwezani with Zed Football have donated face masks and hand sanitizers to the Football Association of Zambia as part of their contribution to the fight against the Covid-19.

Featuring on ZNBC’s The Dressing Room program, Kashala said the reconciliation process needed to be supported and not shot down for the development of the game.

Kashala said football had suffered greatly during the acrimonious phase of the game but enthused that the reconciliation will open a new chapter.

“We are happy we have buried that chapter and all of us came up with the decision to support the nation. We agreed in unison that working together is the best well to develop the game,” Kashala said.
“There was a time when the two parties were not talking nicely in football. FAZ cannot stand on its own, we need the support of the ministry. It was not healthy for us, we could not sustain the fight.”

He said that the reconciliatory process had expedited the conclusion of national team coach Milutin Sredojevic’s contract.
“Everything else around the contract is on course, we have progressed very well, and we cannot keep the coach for a long time without doing anything. Even if we were not talking something in the background was happening,” he said.
“We are good to go and Micho is here to stay.”
“The reconciliation is not cosmetic, from our end as FAZ we meant what we said, it is something we had been crying for, we made several attempts to meet the honourable minister and we are happy that he called us to that meeting. I think that shows the seriousness attached to that particular meeting,” Kashala said.

“For me we need to support the move so that we all flow in the same direction and not backtrack and say all sorts of discouraging things.”

On the constitutional changes that were done in 2017, Kashala said the process was never created to target individuals but instigated by FIFA.
“There is a misconception that the FAZ constitution means Andrew Kamanga and when someone fails to fit in the constitution, it is Andrew Kamanga who has barred this particular person,” he said.
“It is just the constitution which we have to follow, those are the rules which have been laid down. The changes to the constitution were done in 2017 and the changes in 2019 were very minor.”

He added: “The constitution has been sitting with us from 2017, if at all anyone felt aggrieved from 2017 to 2020 someone should have raised the red flag or red card that I am not comfortable way before 2020 elections were in picture.”
Kashala said, “We have just been following the due process of our constitution. We have tied ourselves to the constitution. Nothing more, nothing less and really that has caused a lot of problems as FAZ, we have been called all sorts of names and fought. For us we have said that for those who are aggrieved they can use procedures set to seek solutions.”
And Mweemba said the constitutional changes were done openly with FIFA engaging all the councillors through a visit in 2017.
“I think one point we must be mindful about is that even this whole procedure of the Electoral Code came from FIFA. FIFA came here and gave us the direction on what and how to go about it. It never came from the FAZ president or his executive, we were getting directives from FIFA,” Mweemba said.
“In fact if you checked correctly, the Electoral Code and the FAZ constitution are just replicas of the FIFA constitution. It is because FIFA was on the verge of doing the same to all member associations. We are members of FIFA and bound by rules of FIFA. Andrew Kamanga as FAZ president is obliged to defend the constitution.”
Meanwhile Bwezani with Zed Football members made a donation of masks and sanitizers to FAZ.
The presentation was made at the end of the live ZNBC popular sports program.
Among the guests were analysts Musonda Chibulu, Ken Musonda, Justin Chileleko and Chipolopolo Sports Fans Association chairperson Yotam Mwanza.

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