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[Burkina Faso] FBF Supports Division One And Two Clubs With $18,000

The Burkina Faso Football Federation executive committee announced a number of measures in favour of clubs in this difficult period by the Covid19 pandemic during its 33rd ordinary meeting which was held on  May 12, 2020,  has started putting those measures into place with the payment of funds to clubs.

On May 29, 2020, these decisions were executed by the FBF which include the payment to clubs of the 25% withholding on the subsidy allocated to small categories.

At this level, the sums of 3 million FCFA and 1.5 million FCFA were deposited respectively in the accounts of each of Division 1 and Division 2 clubs as relieved funds from the Federation.

The FBF also informs that the Ministry of Sports and Recreation has agreed to pay the two tranches of the subsidy, totaling 4 million FCFA to Division 1 clubs and 2 million FCFA to Division 2 clubs.  It is therefore 7 million FCFA that were paid to each Division 1 club and 3.5 million FCFA to each of Division 2 clubs.

The Burkina Faso Football Federation urges clubs to make efficient use of the funds distributes to them  pending  when further support announced by FIFA (emergency funds) and CAF.


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