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[Ghana] Kurt OKRAKU And Co PanickAfter Cas July Ruling Notification






























Following the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports(CAS) to give it’s arbitrary award in the matter of Wilfred Kwaku Osei v Ghana Football Association, the GFA led by Kurt is set to transfer funds (money)to clubs.   In the coming days, the GFA would start transferring money to clubs and label that as Covid -19 support funds. The funds he and his people failed to release would now be done as a result of the impending ruling by CAS. The clubs and other stakeholders must open their eyes. Kurt has started calling club officials and behaving as if he is for them.  The GFA presently has the most useless Vice President who doesn’t understand anything. The Vice President is very weak and can’t think on his own. His understanding of football is low. He insults and say nasty things about the past Administration but forget the present President and some of the Exco members served on the Exco in the past. In the coming days he would be exposed big big time. He should also forget about seeking re-election after his term ends.  Isn’t it strange that till date the GFA have refused to release a coin to the  clubs. Even poor countries like Sierra Leone when it comes to football have released funds to be disbursed to clubs. What we however see is the GFA’s inability to even give clubs basic items like sanitizers, nose mask etc. The President is busy using the GFA money for his own selfish interest.  Naa Odofoley who promised Kurt that Palmer will loose at CAS is being given juicy contracts and positions including bringing a contractor to renovate the GFA.  My simple question remains unanswered ;   Why is the GFA now making a U-turn to clubs after CAS sets date to rule on the  Palmer and the Association  case?   The Division One league clubs must open their eyes. The people you sent to the Exco are the ones pushing for a National league and cutting the size of Division one league clubs.  When Kurt and his people start transferring money to clubs you must understand the reason. The clubs must stand up and fight against this namechanger.   Ghana Football cannot flourish under this Kurt guy, who believes in changing the names and date of birth of players.  The clubs must rise up and fight.

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