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[Liberia] Liberia FA Release Names Of Candidates For Coaching Vacancies


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The Liberia Football Association (LFA) releases candidates for vacancies in the technical department.

The vacancy notices were published on LFA’s website and social media platforms; in the FrontPageAfrica, Premier and Independent Inquirer newspapers and aired on Farbric 101.1 FM and Bushrod Radio 98.1 FM by the Liberia Football Federation.

Applicants for under-17 head coach
Ansumana Kieta (Liberian based in Canada)
Matthew Julutweh
Mouctarr Fofana
Papa Boima Kamara

Applicants for under-20 head coach
David B. Paul, Jr.
Emmanuel Kaykay
Francis S. Sarploh
Gray C. Haizel
Kollie Korvay
Tapha Manneh (Gambian)
Kasim Gokyildiz (Turk/Turkish)

No applicant was shortlisted for the under-15 head coach.

The applications were reviewed by the technical department from 20-22 July.

Candidates for the under-20 head coach will begin the evaluation process at 8:00AM on Thursday.

Those shortlisted for the under-17 will kick-off the evaluation process at 8:00AM on Friday.

(1) The candidates will undergo (a) an interview with a panel from the technical department, (b) basic computer knowledge test, (c) a written knowledge test of the position, (d) a practical knowledge test of the position and (e) a five-minute interview on pre and post-match news conference.

(2) The selected candidates will be presented to the technical committee for confirmation.

(3) LFA technical committee chairman Ivan Browne (or co-chairman Pawala Janyan) will present the chosen candidates to the executive committee for approval.

(4) And the chosen candidates will be announced via the LFA platforms.

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