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[Zambia] FAZ Set To Disburse FIFA Covid19 Relief Funds To Members


The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ has confirmed the  receipt of the first batch of Covid-19 relief funds from FIFA and says it  will soon start disbursement of the FIFA relief funds to its members and affiliates members.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala says members should provide FAZ with updated financial details to avoid funds being diverted or delayed in reaching the clubs.

Kashala says affiliates will be expected to liaise with the finance department at FAZ to ensure that they receive their allocation.
“We have finally received the Covid-19 relief funds and will be advising our members on the schedule for disbursement of these funds. We will be providing the specifics of the allocation with the members directly,” Kashala says.

The first batch of FIFA Covid-19 funds is USD500, 000 while the same amount will be disbursed in January 2021.
FIFA will also provide a USD500, 000 allocation exclusively for women football.

Kashala has also sounded a warning for members that have taken to airing their grievances outside the FAZ channels.
“FAZ has observed a growing tendency by some members to air their grievances through unauthorized channels. The FAZ constitution provides for adequate platforms for members to air their grievances. Members that ignore these platforms will be liable to sanctions under the FAZ Disciplinary Code or the Ethics Code,” he says.
“We expect that official communication channels are respected by our administrators in the game. We have provided a lot of training for our administrators across the country in administration and expect that they become a good example of good governance practices.”


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