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[Liberia] Liberia FA Enhance Secretariat For Female Football Clubs


In its commitment in the development of women football in Liberia, The Liberia Football Association (LFA) is set to distribute a laptop and printer to each of the 18 female clubs (nine upper and lower) to enhance the work of their secretariat on this week.

According to the Association,  Each upper club will also receive 20 footballs while each lower club will receive 10 footballs as part of the FIFA equipment solidarity funds.

The distribution of the office equipment by the LFA to the clubs is part of the FIFA Covid-19 women’s development fund of US$500,000.

The LFA commenced the payment of US$8,333.33 to women’s upper league clubs from the FIFA Covid-19 relief and women’s football development funds respectively on August 21.

The second payment of US$2,333.34 will be made upon the arrival of the CAF Covid-19 relief funds of US$300,000.

The final payment of US$3,333.33 from the FIFA Covid-19 relief fund will be made in January 2021.

The LFA also concluded a workshop for medics from the women’s upper and lower leagues on August 29 as part of the return to play protocol in preparations for the 2020/2021 Orange national league.

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