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[Liberia] LFA Completes US$76,500 Orange First Phase Sponsorship

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has completed the payment of US$76,500 sponsorship fees for the first phase to clubs in the Orange national league (2020/2021 season).

Each first division club received US$3,500, totalling US$42,000 paid to the 12 clubs.

They are Bea Mountain, Freeport FC, LISCR FC, LPRC Oilers, Mighty Barrolle, Monrovia Club Breweries, Nimba Kwado, Nimba FC, Nimba United, NPA Anchors, Watanga FC and Small Town.

Each second division and women’s division club received US$1,500, totalling US$34,500.

Second division clubs include BYC-II, FC Fassell, Ganta Almighty, Gardnersville FC, Heaven Eleven, Jai FC, Jubilee FC, Junior Professionals, Keitrace FC, Mighty Blue Angels, Muscat FC, Sandi FC, Stages FC and Tony FC.

And the upper women’s division clubs are Ambassadors FC, Blanco FC, Determine Girls, Earth Angels, Hippo FC, Island Queens, Professional Sisters, Senior Female Professionals and World Girls.

The second payment of Orange sponsorship will be paid either before or during the second phase of the season.

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