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[Ghana] Why Kotoko-Nouadibou game was cancelled at Accra Sports Stadium


Nouadibou arrived in Ghana with 16 players.
2. Two players of their players tested positive which was duly witnessed by by CAF Covid doctor, Dr Christiana Baah
3. Nouadibou raised doubt about the result and went to Nyaho Clinic for further test.
4. Dr CHristiana Baah agreed and went to Nyaho Clinic with them.
5. Results from Nyaho Clinic confirmed the initial result that two players had tested positive
6. Nouadibou again raised doubt about the second test.
7. Nouadibou went to a private clinic without the consent of Caf Covid doctor, Christaina Baah. They presented the latest report to the Dr Christiana few hours to the game, that all their players had tested negative
8. Dr Christiana Baah refused to accept the report from Nouadibou, later reported the conduct of Nouadibou to the match commissioner.
9. The referees were alerted accordingly
10. Nouadibou refused to play because they felt cheated.

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