Rules to write an article

Please follow the rules below if you want your article to be published on ZoneFoot.

You can write articles on anything related to Football in your country, about your local football club, about a player, on women’s football, on a local amateur tournament, on your country professional leagues, on your national teams,…

An important remark, try to write without too many spelling and grammar mistakes …


1. Title of your article:

Must start with the country where the article is related to.
Example, if you decide to write an article on Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona, then the title of your article will start and look like this:
[Spain] Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona are the best football team in the world.


2. Category:

You can only select 2 categories
Make sure that the categories you select are aligned with the topic of your article.


3. Content:

3.1 You can write only between 100 and 200 words
Short articles deliver better reader engagement. Your articles should be engaging, accurate, insightful. BUT don’t write anything polemical without solid arguments and proofs.

3.2 You can also add 2 images max (size below 400×150 pixel) and/or 1 audio file inside your article if you want to highlight a specific paragraph.


4. Tags:

4.1 The first tag of your article must be the name of the country where the article is related to
Example if your article is related to Spain, your first tag must be Spain

4.2 If your article is related to a specific club from the target country, then the second tag of your article must be the name of this club
Example, if your article is related to Spain and FC Barcelona, then the second tag must be FC Barcelona

You can then add other tags at your own discretion, but stay relevant.

5. Featured Image:

You can only upload 1 featured image for your article and the size must be at least 640×360 pixel
The featured image is used as the main image of your article.

We cover football at all levels and all over the world, from simple amateur tournaments, school/university championships, youth, women football to elite/professional football.